Representing a Systems Approach
to H
eating, Cooling, and Hot Water

RST Thermal is a Manufacturer's Representatives in the New England area covering Eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island for multiple leading manufacturers whose products offer a systems approach to comfortable heating and cooling. We provide technical and sales support to our wholesale distributor partners and contractors. For homeowners, we provide geographic lists of installing and servicing contractors to help them find the "best fit" for the project to be done.

Richard Trethewey is the founder and owner of RSTINC. He has been in the heating and plumbing industry his whole life. He grew up working at the family's fourth generation plumbing and heating business which was started in 1902. Richard started RSTINC in 1989 as a Manufacturer’s Rep firm to pioneer and champion the best quality hydronic heating and cooling products. Starting RSTINC allowed Richard a platform to educate and bring energy efficient and “systems” solutions to the New England market. RSTINC has grown because of the strong focus on quality products backed by a commitment to technical support and customer service.

As the Plumbing and Heating Expert for PBS series "This Old House/Ask This Old House" franchise since 1979, Richard Trethewey continues to share with the public what he has learned about the latest innovations in the hydronic and HVAC heating and cooling industry and started his company as a way to train the tradesmen and bring energy efficient solutions to the New England market.

RST Thermal

We believe that the American HVAC market should provide end
users with the very best products that provide efficiency and long service life. We offer in depth training on all the products we carry in our Training Laboratory. We respond to request for proposals for detailed project specifications provided for commercial projects by engineers, municipalities, schools, and designers and for residential projects by builders, architects, and contractors.

All products are supported by unmatched technical support and training and legendary customer service from the RST Thermal staff. We provide consulting services to help guide the homeowner or contractor through home heating system upgrades and energy audits. Our consultants work closely with installing contractors to properly match and install modern heating equipment in older homes to provide the most efficient and compatible systems.

RST Thermal provides solutions from a single source. Our goal is to provide the best products and the best solutions for your energy saving and comfort needs. Let us help you develop winning energy-saving system approach solutions geared toward wholesale distributors, installing contractors, and homeowners seeking energy efficient heating and cooling solutions.

Over the twenty-two year history of the company, we have been involved with thousands of succcessful projects where contractors sold better equipment, consumers achieved dramatic amounts of energy savings, and solutions were offered that provided the highest levels of comfort.


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